This week on Gigaom Research: digital currency development and the European cloud market


This week Gigaom Research examines two still-evolving ecosystems, the European cloud market and digital currency services. Also popular this week among readers was the most recent cleantech report on machine-to-machine data analytics.

Note: Gigaom Research is a subscription-based research service offering in-depth, timely analysis of developing trends and technologies. Visit to learn more about it.

Cloud: ‘Sector RoadMap: the European cloud infrastructure market’ by Paul Miller

This Sector RoadMap provides companies seeking to operate within Europe a review of noteworthy cloud products and services. It aims to simply the complex set of choices and factors considered in selecting a cloud service by evaluating six representative vendors. The evaluation of suppliers such as GreenQloud and CloudSigma offers a useful snapshot across the industry and its different facets.

European Cloud Sector Roadmap Source: Gigaom Research

Mobile: Bitcoin and beyond: Understanding the Opportunity in Digital Currency Services and Infrastructure’ by Kristina Yee

This week, Kristina Yee examined…

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